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4003-7 wusthof classic serrated paring knife. 3 inches. riveted handle
4038-7/09 Clip point paring knife. wusthof classic. 3.5 inches. riveted handle.
4065-7/09 wusthof classic demi bolster paring knife. 3.5 inches. riveted handle.
4066-7/09 wusthof classic paring knife. 3.5 inches. riveted handle.
4066-7/10 wusthof classic paring knife. 4 inches. riveted handle.
4067-//10 wusthof classic wide paring knife. 4 inches. riveted handle
40663-7/09 wusthof classic 3.5 inch fully serrated paring knife. riveted handle.
Wusthof-Trident of America

Classic Paring Knife DISC

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Hand forged from high carbon stain resistant alloy for edge retention and resharpening, Hand honed for razor-like sharpness. Traditional style composite handle is triple riveted for strength and performance. The weighted bolster gives the handle it's heft and is considered a signature feature of the wusthof knife. Limited lifetime warranty. Made in Germany.